Saturday, February 2, 2013

Templecon - mini wargaming experience 2013

Running around at my first con and it's honestly one of the better times I've had in a while. People are friendly, ready to help you learn a new game or an old standby. Either way I've been up till three every morning and waking at seven to get food, then more gaming.

Definitely get a room at your conference venue though as being able to slip to your room for a nap is a must.

I've put a number of board games in and met a great deal of gaming industry folks especially in the after hours. There's always a game going on twenty four seven in any space.

I will definitely be placing a local convention into the budget moving forward. People are always willing to help and play any game you'd like at any time. This is also the perfect place to try a new game and get tips on playing from a much broader range of people.

Here's some pictures to get scale of the amount of gaming and people.
A 35 point Warmachine admin setup
Side halls full of games
The grand ballroom with 40k in the background
More retail
My wraith in a painting contest with some seriously good competition
My borrowed Circle on the table
Even more retail
He may be feral, but he's still my moopie moo

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