Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Motivation and staying motivated

Sometimes in our lives many things may get in the way of our hobby, kids, work, family, anything really and you know what, that's a good thing. We should be people first, gamers second.

Of course sometimes life gets so hectic that we realize six months has passed and we haven't gamed, hobbies or otherwise had a solid time to play hard as well.

One thing to keep on target with playing is to schedule a yearly motivation list. Pick a forum, post the month's achievement and stick to it. January you'll do a war hammer 40k character, something that just looks great whether or not you're going to play it. February you'll do a hordes character, and so on. Just one little thing a month. Don't forget to post your results at the end of every month, it'll motivate you and your fellow board mates.

Since I like to occasionally practice what I preach I'll post at least one of my motivations and results per month, and share the process as I go.

For January it was completing my shiny new necron croissant, the infamous doom scythe. Lots of nice pics on that.

February will bring a hordes model, one I plan on entering into The Battle Standard painting contest out of CT in April. Here's where I stand with that model, just got some white primer in, which will soon coat all the pretty pieces.

So keep out there, do one coolminiornot.com entry a week, one more 2013 motivational thread or simply take a picture, upload in to your computer and save it on your desktop. Any way you slice it you'll be happy to look back at your achievements and be happy that you took out a little you time for the hobby.

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