Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Now writing for WMD as well

I'm pleased to announce that I'll be writing for the collective blog group known in short as WMD and in long hand known as war machine miniatures and dice. They can be found at http://wargamingminiaturesanddice.blogspot.com

I ran into all of the crew and was near immediately given a club shirt to show my support of and get the advertising out there of the group.

The gentlemen and ladies of WMD showed me a great time in the recent TempleCon held in Warwick, Rhode Island. Many games were held, a good deal of painting and hobby was to be had with the group. As time goes on I will be cross posting and occasionally linking you to the site from here when a relevant post should be shared on my journey through the hobby.

Looking forward to sharing a bit more with even more people and giving WMD some 40k perspective!

See you online,

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