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This just in! Nerds rage over FAQ, destroy game stores!

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If you've played any game we'll all agree that there's that guy, that guy who always tweaks the rules to his or her advantage, they're called "rules lawyers." If you haven't played a Games Workshop game of 40k then you wouldn't know how maddening this can be. There's a lot of interpretation in the rules, and frankly that's sometimes good. However sometimes a rule is so far off, confusing, or just poorly written that the Games Workshop team will issue a FAQ for rules clarification. Not uncommonly this will cause any number of objects to go flying in a pick up game at the FLGS (local game store), and more than a few flipped over tables. Well, ok maybe not that crazy, but you know what I mean. They can be frustrating and confusing. Ultimately you just have to remember, the game is for fun, not for cut throat wins.

So what's the latest FAQ craze sending people into blind rage? One rule to rule them all;
Source, Games-Workshop:

Q: When making a Shooting attack against a unit, can Wounds from the Wound Pool be allocated to models that were not within range any of the shooting models when To Hit rolls were made (i.e. half the targeted model are in the shooting models’ range, and half are not)? A: No.

It's innocuous right? Seriously, who would be upset? Well, this counters a rule in the main rule book and everyone is pissed. In the rule book it's always the model closest to the shooting model who get's shot first, then you keep going away from the closest to the farthest model. Simple right? If you were on a battlefield and there were four guys, two in front two in back then it's reasonable to assume the front two would get hit first, then the next two? Go ask a redcoat in the Revolutionary war, he'll tell you all about this.

Still, you look at that rule and go, ok fine a bullet can't go magically past it's range. In the rule book though it doesn't specifically say if that guy in the back isn't in range, he doesn't get hit. People were assuming old rules and saying "oh heck, if the whole group takes shots then magically everyone regardless of range could get hit." Does that sound like fun? Here you go, get on the highway, now if you're in a pack of cars and a guy loses control of his car in the front of the pack and goes in a ditch logically we'll all end up in the ditch right? Sure!...  Not. Still confused? Twyg... cars and ditches? Read on.

If you need both sides of the fight, just do a search for "Wound allocation sixth FAQ" and you'll find the rages. Here's my stance, and that of the guys I play with, for what it's worth, I hope that this can avoid some wasted time and frustration at your games.

Pew pew!
It's Necron shooting turn, as a matter of habit I usually go left to right shooting, which I will not do any more, and you'll see why.

First, I've got Zahn in a CCB, with a tesla cannon, he's got a 12" range staff with three shots, shooting at the left purifier squad.

As you can see one is clearly in front, and another base is clipped. The tesla cannon causes two wounds, so the front two are removed after failing their saves. Magically he does not get to shoot his Staff of Light three times...

Second, I plan to run with my warrior squad, so they sit and chill.

Third, I start shooting with my Spyders, the first one on the left being well within range.

Weapons loose!

Spyder one popped a guy, the middle one shoots (spyder 2), and misses.

Still two in range

Spyder three, right most goes to shoot... Oops... No he doesn't, he's got no target, his weapons are out of range...
No shot!

So... How could I have wiped out this squad of purifiers? Magic? Getting a cool ass curly wig? Nay... tactical strategery!

Let's replay the scenario. Instead of that order I should have;

  1. Shot the Tesla cannon first collapsing the left side of the unit
  2. Shot the right most spyder (#3) first - he was the furthest away and stood to be the one most hanging in the breeze.
  3. Shot the middle spyder (2), then left most spyder (1)
  4. Not chosen to run the warriors (idiot)

So what's my point? My point is simple, if you're not sure if someone is going to Rule Lawyer you on this play it safe and flip everything. Don't worry about their wound allocation, just don't give them an option to be able to screw you... Just plan your shots out, and remember to pre-measure the ever loving snot out of the board, before you move, after you move, before you shoot, during your shots, everywhere. Wear out that tape measure!

I hope you guys not only understand my points, but found this post a touch entertaining too. :)

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