Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Flyers, building and playing

Sixth Ed definitely has a lot of new tricks for a player to learn, one of which is using flyers, then using them well.

Here's what I've learned so far; Necron flyers (read as any flyer) are nasty pieces of work and frustrate and distract an opponent very nicely. I've learned no one spends points on defenses with skyfire. Skyfire mysterious objectives are scary business when a razorback with twin-linked lascannon rolls into town, and finally a death ray is a wonderful/terrible thing to behold.

Almost done, still have primed-only weapons.

Tactics for me include keeping Zahndrahk on the field and using his Phased Reinforcments rule to great effect getting my flyer on right away since it's essentially a twin-linked reinforcement roll. Why? Because the rule allows me to bring in my reinforcements when you get a successful reserve roll. If you're going first then it's even better, if you don't get reinforcements in then I still get another reserve roll on my turn - worth the price of admission right there for Zahn.

Once on the field the night scythe is a monster and very distracting for the opponent, something moving up to 36" on any battlefield is demoralizing especially when my fire power is stripping hull points as simple infantry (warriors with gauss), a Doomsday cannon is in the backfield dropping large template weapons from 72" away (!) and tesla is arcing everywhere.

I've not found a game type where a flyer is useless and plan to keep playing my flyers as much as possible, especially given their supremely low price to field. (100 points with a warrior squad...)

Building the Necroissant is a lot of fun, I'm the type of hobbyist who prefers vehicles to infantry painting so it's a good time all around, and makes for another post. As you can see from the photo brush strokes are at a bare minimum and there's a lot of work that goes into getting it, though much more patience than sweat equity.

I'm looking forward to sharing pics with the flyer on the field and may just pickup another as I go along.

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