Wednesday, December 12, 2012

First game graces the board

So the games have begun. :) Two games played on the asphalt side despite still being flat black, we weren't picky, it's all about the surface feeling/looking right. The dice rolled just as well as any other color and the sand didn't come up/off.
1000 point game in 4x4 mode
And put a few picts up from the Remembrancers. (Remembrancers being the in game "fluff" term for historic recorders/journalists) One win for the Imperialists, and another for the xenos. :)
Well, last warrior unit of THY-26062 is about to be recycled

The Emperor can only do so much once you're this close to a Wraith

I was on schedule for this weekend on the gray layer, washing however my white acrylics are so old that they went granular and dry. No amount of thinner or water changed the clumps into paint. So new white is on the shopping list, and am getting a nice burnt umber to give a shot to the flock siding and see how that goes. 

The flip side of the board will be flocking and static grass, sealed with PVA and water. Hopefully this will work, you'll know as soon as I do as I'll post up the results soon as they're done.

Special thanks to theFreeBootaz who've been helping out with tips and tricks towards getting this board done. Some of the big ones; Paint both sides of the board or over time it'll warp, Seal your painted surfaces or you'll have mishaps, and finally some excellent formulas on paint mixes... For those mixes you'll have to subscribe though. :)


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    1. Just came out, I'll send you a text and we'll hit up some dates so I can get some tyranid's splattered on it for luck. ;)