Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Back again! Terrain board in progress

Hey all,

Just posting this more as a log entry than anything and to go back over what I did to date. That said, I'm planning on making an urban style board, and putting pieces of standalone terrain on the board once completed.

So the issue I had is that I have a small house and no way to store a board. That said I also wanted something that was modular and can be easily stowed away while offering multiple options for terrain playability. It also had to fit on an ikea table that wasn't 4x6, so the segments needed to interlink somehow. What I decided on was 2' by 2' 3/4" underlayment plywood. MDF was not chosen due to weight and cost.

So, I had the plywood sheet ripped into 2'x2' squares, took six of them and have marked off three locations per tile. These will be pre-drilled then outfitted with wooden dowels which will act as pegs for stabilizing the board. With the remaining two tiles I plan on cutting, gluing and otherwise causing all manner of engineering to make two dice boxes/miniature staging zones for the players.

I'll likely be using some "basics" acrylic paints and some sand to make the base coat on each tile, adding lines, cracks and other elements right onto the plywood, adding features with poly/Styrofoam and gluing them on.

Looking forward to sharing the process as I continue tonight and through the winter.

Board squared

Marked for the drill

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