Friday, September 21, 2012

Digital from GW - now the dwarf sees the pixels

So, I'm a huge fan of digital versions of many things, Popular Science, Popular Mechanics, NY Times especially. My white dwarf though?

I will definitely pick at least one up and one print copy. Our hobby is so hands on that it is hard to justify our mag going digital. You want to have it in hand or do you?

In favor; after now settling into the house, space is most certainly at a premium, the ability to zoom in on 'eavy metal paint jobs, see that I'm not the only one to screw up the stalker chariot rail (go look, it's askew, even in white dwarf or on the Web) so being able to see that in digital is great.

On the flip side reading on a back lit screen sucks, for photos it's great just written word is a strain, especially for s tech professional who stares at a backlit screen all day. Not stopping into the game store is a bad thing, those mom and pop stores help the community, one that's tends to be holed in I've met some fine people just hanging at the store. Finally the cost, what happens when I have an old enough iPad, now there's a big outlay to keep using the digital, could I see a PC our Android version please?

So, I'm mixed, what do you think? Will you go digital always, sometimes or never?

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