Tuesday, May 15, 2012

WIP - Stalker build

Hey all, just a quick update.

Working on a motivational challenge for an elite unit of any type on any army and came up with my fresh Stalker as the submission.

So what started as a paint and show is turning into a restoration thread. Why?  Here's why, I trimmed everything, filed it down, smoothed it out with liquid green stuff where necessary and then began test fitting all the pieces together. Every thing was laid out in order and then glue was applied. Disaster... Somehow I flipped the "body" of the stalker. All the holes that were brilliantly designed for the top part of the chassis are now at the bottom, and where the gun attaches is now on top... Really!?

But whatever, I'm continuing with the build and just not letting it get to me, I'll back fill with liquid green stuff and file everything down appropriately just making sure that I align everything "manually" versus using the tabs and holes. The paint will still look good regardless!

So, what would you do in this case? Would you try to undo the damage, would you cut the areas and flip the project? Or would you just let it be?


  1. It depends on how hard the dis-assembly would be - if it would do more damage to take it apart, I would just manually align like your plan. Could you make it look like it is supposed to be backwards/upside-down - could be uniquely cool.

    1. I ended up manually aligning, and it worked out perfect, much ado about nothing! But next time I'll take a little more care, this was too lucky. :)