Tuesday, May 8, 2012

WIP - BCJames Dread Chicken 'nid!

Ok, to date I've seen two types of conversions, one type are the minute details, the tiny hand of a wych placed in a piece of terrain that's "fallen" onto it (pun intended from Wizards of Oz) all the way up to making a complete tack on of additional posts, see cryptek conversions for good examples of that.

Then there's the type of conversion that you can see from half a block away... No joke, watching Brother Captain James walk up to the mall from the corner of the block all that was seen was shoulder bag, James, this;

Alright, so that's crazy, it's actually as tall as the monolith, and definitely wider. We know what you're thinking... huge target area, except you can't target wings, only torso. That's a small torso in comparison to the wings. Seriously, they're huge, so big that if the brakes fail on his car he needs only deploy this out the back like chutes from a drag racer...


Ok, it's so crazy that some green stuff needs to be applied to clean it up, his back needs mounting, and the front... what to do with the front. First though, support those wings. Sylex (sp.) is our resident green stuff master, the guy is sitting there with $30 of green stuff. Seriously it's neat to watch him work with it. Of course this is probably handed down from generations since we see his 3rd cousin twice removed interacting with clear epoxy here, she's just as good! epoxy mastery at work! Same thing happens, only with green stuff. Seriously, worth the cost of membership to the club right there alone...

Molding the back from fairly flat back carapace pieces
What's this!? A funky chicken!?
There it is... A chicken beak. For real. If James doesn't paint this yellow there's going to be a lot of upset people at the club.

As work continues more pics will be posted of the Dread Chicken 'nid!

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