Monday, May 7, 2012

WIP - Necron Wave Two - Spyder complete! (pic heavy)

The power source is missing, but it's there now.
Work in progress indeed, as the spyder kit isn't hard, but does have a good amount of parts. This is something good though in that you've got some options. I'm sure many of you have already looked at the unboxing vids and sprue pictures galore.

So what do these things look like in the "wild?" (More after the break)

Well, I took one spyder kit and slammed through it start to finish to get it ready for a game against Brother Captain James, and the scale is now correct. It seems as though many of the last edition of necrons were a little small. The flayed ones were small, and the spyder kit was monsterous when placed next to a flayed one, but not compared to a basic warrior, much less a destroyer. Looking at a spyder in comparison to a destroyer you'd assume a destroyer was a monstrous creature as well. Regardles, why the scales were mismatched we may never know, but here GW is making good.

We've now got some models that match scale correctly. This thing is big, and a really, really good looking model, suitably scary and a force to be reckoned with. As more are made I'll take better shots of the three spyders I typically run with versus other models in the armies, but for now, the steps for the build and final result.

Here's the scale pics to help see the difference in sizes;
The old and the new

Next to his buddy, Lawrence the Lychguard

The build was very simple, and straight forward. The legs attached to the thorax gave me a bit of pause since I thought they were different lengths and sizes. Turns out the only difference and reason to pay attention are the small pegs that attach to the ball joint of the leg. If you want custom leg placement you'd need only clip the peg and really have whatever setup you like. For the interest of time and doing the first model I decided to go "by the book" and use the manual. The others will be different in their own ways. As you can see from placement the whole spyder has a slight tilt as if just coming down a small hill, looking at an angle with his gun to match his line of sight. Everything on this model with the exception of one major joint is on ball sockets, including the flight stand. This really opens up the possibilities for some posing options so I'm looking forward to seeing what people come up with out there.

I started by trimming up, spraying chaos black, and applying the process described in my monolith resurrection post. I must get better at my green power sources, as well as work on a better "black chrome" style metal since the quick dry brush metal just doesn't cut it for me...

Always something to improve. If you have tips please share below on what you do for that effect!

And now, the picture heavy part of the program:

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