Thursday, August 8, 2013

WIP - Oh Red, how thee vexes thine skills...

Lookin' Red!
I  got a great gift from a long time friend of a good number of Chaos Space Marines, and finally got a minute to sit down and get started past the base coating. This is where I'm at after three layers of paint, and it finally coming together.

What I didn't do was take the countless pictures prior to this stage, and that is probably a happy mistake, because they were atrocious. It turns out that when painting red expect the paint to go on very, very bright, then dull out significantly on drying. By taking a little longer to wait between coats I saved myself a lot of headache.

Plenty 'o Red (and a little flesh too)

So right now this is Mephiston Red base coat 1:1 water via the airbrush, with a liberal wash of Nuln Oil from the pot, then a layer of Mephiston Red 3:1 water. The 3:1 is just enough water to make things easy to apply. I'm of the thinning mindset when it comes to painting minis. I'd rather have to double up or even triple the layers of paint then have to scrape off a layer with a putty knife. Then again, I'm a bit of a stickler and like to paint past tabletop standard if I can.

Next I'll be doing Mephiston Red with Wazdakka Red and water 2:1:1, then 1:2:1, then 3:1. From there Evil Suns Red in the same amount ratios. A highlight of Squig Orange, then a little white and Squig. Then a thin coat of the Red Glaze to top it all off. Metalics will be Boltgun Metal, with a Nuln Oil wash. For the demons on the shoulders and the spiked heads I'll be using some new flesh colors I've got rolling around and a nice turquoise/purple wash custom mixed...

Sounds like a lot of layers, however it appears wet blended and smooth with no discernible "tiers" of transition. I now know to just put the model down between each layer and move to a) another model to do the same or b) keep on the same model and play a round of War Thunder. (At ten to fifteen minutes a round the paint is dry on the model.) Of course you're asking how does the paint mix not dry? I usually mix in a little gelato plastic cup, holds about half a cup of fluid or so. I have my paint at the bottom, then just moisten a paper towel and place it on top. If it's good for seedlings it'll likely work for paint.

Anyway, I'll keep posting more as it comes along, should be a pretty good model set all told when complete and anxious to see it completed.

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