Monday, August 5, 2013

On the reading list - Dark Apostles, Disciples and Creeds oh my!

Wait, they're over normal limit on skulls there...

So after a seriously generous gift from a friend I've gotten a good number of Chaos Space Marines to ally with the 'crons. However who are these fiends? Why can regular space marines get skulls on their armor and not get in trouble the same way the chaos space marines do? Why do they have things growing out of their armor, and how is it that they appear to be molded to it? Off to get some research done...

I went through the full Black Library and as often happens was quickly overwhelmed. To narrow down I found the Word Bearers to be one of the more interesting chapters of space marines. So on the reading list right now is the Dark Apostle, Dark Creed, Dark Disciple series. The kindle comes in handy for reading on the train and anywhere I can.

Now I realize why those skulls aren't "Imperium approved" and there's some spooky merging of armor and soldier... creepy... Any recommendations on "must" Chaos reading?

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