Thursday, April 19, 2012

Resources for learning

Starting off you find there's quite a lot of data out on the internet, tutorials of all types from very new painters all the way up to paying for a video to learn fine art techniques to apply so you can finally hold the Slayer Sword.

But besides those core fundamental sites there's a lot of folks out there who just keep posting videos, posting images and tips (along the lines of this site) and generally just want to share their hobby. As with the tutorials some may be suited for some, others not as much.

For me I've settled in on a few basic sites that have helped me in the hobby quite a bit, after the jump you'll see the list, so click on wayward traveler...

  1. GirlPainting - Alexandra does an excellent job of explaining what she's doing, how much it may cost, where she got her material, and keeps a constant run of activity, but not so much that you can't keep up.
  2. Mini WarGaming - A site setup four years ago for all war gaming information. As of this writing Matt is trying to spin up business for his very own game which for me is giving me a little more respect for the GW prices that we all love to hate. Besides that tinder, MWG is where I go to listen in on battle reports so that I'm aware and can be prepared for other armies. Special rules, what number of attacks to expect etc.
  3. Blue Table Painting - As with MWG these videos show another side of the mini wargaming business, but instead from the perspective of a former corporate guy who decided to go for broke and start a company that provides tabletop (and better) standard assembly/painting/restoration for your models. Regular studio updates show you behind the scenes and what they have to offer for that week, good deals can be found here. As with MWG listening to the battle reports helps me learn the game.
  4. Fritz40k - Fritz's blog has all manner of news, quips and information about the game we all play. Fritz has been working his blog for a long time and can be expected to put up at least one entry a day. He also has an excellent PDF guide for a modest fee which helped me through my starting days immensely. 
  5. YouTube - For everything it's really amazing what you can learn, from magnetizing a drop pod and razorback to zenithal lighting techniques for painting (look that one up!)
I'll likely have a full resource page setup on the site when I find some more time, but a Vassal game is waiting on me, so off to the game!

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