Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Getting a game in again after a long time.

So last night was the first time playing in a very long time. I had the pleasure of playing with my "pusher of plastic and tears, who you love to hate, or hate to love." In other words the gent who works for Comic Book Heaven, Bishop. Bishop and I have a good report so games are always fun. It's been over nine months since I played last and was pleased to find that it's like riding a bike. Soon Eldar were dying and unfortunately so were my necrons.
Still it was a 40k game in all it's glory and made me miss table top games of that nature - A lot. So now I've gotten a little shot in the arm again. Around the corner is the Battle for Salvation Grand Tournament at the Palisades Mall. Maybe you'll see me there... ;)

Going to work a little more on the pieces I thought I had finished painting, need to redo the basing on my troops, and a little cleanup of broken items. Here I go again though, no need to stress about the perfection of the army, only gaming with what I've got!

So now to sit down with the army and see what's on the list "to do" and set some time aside to do the work. I've realized that setting aside even an hour on my calendar helps get things done personally and professionally. Looking forward to sharing the "to do" list here and how to keep it going.

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